License Terms

By purchasing and using our Shopify themes, you agree to abide by the following license terms outlined below:

Personal License:

The Personal License grants you the right to use our theme for a single online store. The Personal License does not grant permission for commercial use, which allows using the theme for multiple stores.

Commercial License:

The Commercial License is designed for both individuals and legal entities, such as agencies or companies, who wish to use our theme for multiple online stores. With the Commercial License, you have the flexibility to apply the theme to an unlimited number of stores. Upon completing the purchase of a theme with a Commercial License, you will receive a License PDF file, confirming your authorization to use the theme for commercial purposes.

Restrictions for Commercial License:

By acquiring a Commercial License, you agree to the following restrictions:

  1. Sub-Licensing, Reselling, or Renting: You are not permitted to sub-license, resell, or rent our theme, either in its original form or any modified version.
  2. Claiming Ownership: While using the theme under a Commercial License, you are not authorized to claim its design and structure as your own, either partially or entirely.

We take great pride in providing high-quality themes for your Shopify stores, and we appreciate your compliance with these license terms. Your adherence ensures that our themes continue to be used responsibly and ethically.